Tuesday, June 9, 2020

This Machine Fights Fascists.

 The FBI painted him as a Communist. He said no, I'm not a Communist, I'm a Commonist, I'm for the common man. 

Woody's guitar fought Fascists all during the dirty-thirties. His most well-known song was, "This Land is Your Land." Back then if you were outta work and lookin' for a job you were a no-good bum and a socialist. No matter how many great songs he wrote he never rid himself of the Communist label the rich and powerful tagged him with. The rich are still fighting him and his beliefs today. The men and women who fought in the Second World War were all Fascists-fighters. All the old-head union men who happen to still be living were Fascist fighters too. By the way, for those who don't know what the definition of Fascism is, it is: All power to the rich and corporations. 

Today the Woody Guthrie spirit is called Antifa. The Reds have labeled Antifa as a terrorist group even though they are not even a group. Madison Avenue was hired by the Reds to come up with a title to put on them so it would be easier to demonize those who fight for the rights of the common man. Anitifa is their brainchild.The rich corporate folks, Fascists in other words, try and try to denigrate them but they are more of a symbol for equality and fairness than for anything else. That spirit will never die as long as there is injustice in the world.The same thing that keeps the story of Christ still going is this same enthusiasm for equality. It is the very thing that moves people like Woody Guthrie to stand up and fight back.

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